Taraqhi TV Inaugurated Officially

Herat, Friday April 6, 2012

Taraqhi television network, another investment in the private sector in Herat, was officially inaugurated.

Said Abdullah Sadat, the network manager said that the station obtained its permit from the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture and will operate in accordance with the guidance and instructions of the Afghan Media Law.

According to Mr. Sadat, the core production of the medium will be various political, economical, social, cultural, educational and sports programs that will air on channel 30 in 543.25MH range.

Mr. Sadat added that a local businessman in Heart, Mr. Said Ismail Esar Rahimi invested in the station and therefore, the station remains totally independent with no political, ethnical or religious bias.

Said Mohammad Faqiri, the TV’s program manager said that the station will cover up to 100km range which in addition to Herat city’s 12 districts can be accessed by the viewers in Engeel, Guzara, Pashton Zarghon and Zindajan districts.

According to Mr. Faqiri, the station has created jobs to 30 individuals one third of who are women. The station will provide programs from 7am to 12 midnight seven days a week.

Media activities, radio and television in particular, have had considerable improvement in Herat in the past 10 years.

For the time being, in addition to the state run and ISAF military radio, there are nine local FM radio stations, nine local television stations including the state run, about 20 publications and one news agency are operative in the province.