House of journalists established in Herat

House of journalists established in Herat

HERAT, June 28, 2011

The House of Journalists of Herat was established to ensure closer cooperation and coordination in this Western province of Afghanistan.

In an initial meeting convened in office of Zohal Radio Monday evening, president, two of his deputies, secretary and 10 members of the executive board were elected in a free and confidential poll.

Omar Naseer Mujaddidi, director of Zohal Radio, was elected as president of the House with Faroq Faizi as the first deputy and Faiz Ahmad Muhammadi as the second deputy. Sattar Alokozai was elected as secretary of the House.

Journalists from various other media outlets working in Herat, such as Baran Radio, Saba TV, Nawa TV, Pamir News Agency, Watandar Radio, Akhbar-e-Roz, Radio Kilid, Haqiqat Monthly, Taraqi TV and Andishai Milli Monthly were elected as members of the executive body.

Mujaddidi, after being elected, said the purpose of establishment of the House was to improve professional abilities and bring better coordination among the local journalists.

He said improving working environment and getting support of relevant local organizations was part of the work to start with.

Faroq Faizi said strengthening internal communication and brining a local network of the local media people were other working priorities of the House of Journalists.

Herat has seen an increase in emergence of various types of media in the past five years.

There are four private television channels, 10 radio stations, 40 print media outlets, one news agency and nine news websites being managed from Herat.