Afghan journalists leave for Italy to participate internship program

Afghan journalists leave for Italy to participate internship program

May 12, 2013

HERAT: Four Herat based Afghan local journalists have left for Italy to participate a month long internship program, awarded by the Cattolica University (UCSC). The program has been facilitated and supported by the Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC).

The contents of the internship program which include lectures, group works and practical exercises aims to develop professional skills and knowledge of the journalists. The program will focus on a range of journalism related topics.

The journalists include Wahab Siddiqi, Asr TV reporter; Shahnaz Faqiri, reporter from Mardmoom radio station; Sosan Ansari, Zuhal radio reporter; and Shahin Poya, a freelance reporter.

They were selected to this program after they successfully passed oral and practical exams lasted for ten days.

Francesca Rizzol, who spearheads the program, said that the interns have been selected through a merit-based process and will travel to Milan and Trento cities to visit country’s media organizations in order to get a broad understanding of modern methods of journalism.

The independent Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) is operating nationwide to essentially promote media freedom and provide unique training opportunities nationwide or worldwide for Afghan journalists with an aim to enhance their journalistic skills.