First FM station dedicated to women inaugurated in Farah province

First FM station dedicated to women inaugurated in Farah province

February 14, 2021

Farah- A new radio station, for women by women, Seday-e-Zan(voice of woman) has launched in western Farah Province on Sunday.

The station will target women and girls in Farah province advocating for their rights as well as highlighting gender-sensitive issues, health, education, and domestic violence. In addition to providing information to the women in the province, will also be a platform for women to voice their opinions and share their stories, Zubaida Nasri, owner of the station said.

She briefed about the efforts put in to set up the station and highlighted its salient features and said the people living in Farah city, and residents of Balablok, Pusht-e-Road, and Khaksafid districts falling in the radius of 40 km from the station would be able to access the radio programs.

Currently functions with a staff strength of 10, the station will air programs in Farsi/Dari and Pashto languages various topics from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. at FM 99.6MHz every day, where some of the evening schedules would be the repetition of the morning program.

Speaking during the station debut, Farah governor Taj Mohammad Jahid termed the inauguration of Radio Seday-e-Zan as another step towards freedom of expression and promised his full support to all media outlets.

Media have flourished tremendously in Afghanistan, and in the western provinces as well in the last two decades and have played a crucial and effective role in providing information, awareness, education programs to the local population.

There are five radio stations and a private TV channel operating alongside state-run Radio and Television(RTA) within the Farah province, however, now local people are excited and welcome the primary Women-managed radio station.