Urozgan Province in South gets new TV channel

Urozgan governor Mohammad Omar Shirzad during the Paiwastoon TV debut in Trinkut, the provincial capital of Urozgan

January 30, 2021

Trinkut, Urozgan- Paiwastoon, the first TV channel to be opened in Uruzgan, was launched on Saturday. Provincial Governor Mohammad Omar Shirzad, who was joined by other provincial officials, media community inaugurated the TV channel.

 “The Paiwastoon TV will initially cover Trinkoot, the capital of Urozgan and outskirts. However, we intend to extend the coverage to the provincial districts and neighboring provinces as well in the near future,” said Khan Mohammad Siyal, director of Paiwastoon TV

Currently functions with the staff strength of 12, Paiwastoon will be airing every day, with programs on education, health, politics, culture, reconstruction projects, and entertainment scheduled from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, he added

 “Beside threats and intimidation, lack of a reliable power supply in the province is severely limiting our ability to work and more likely to reduce the programs,” Siyal stressed  

Speaking during the TV channel debut, the Urozgan Governor Mohammad Omar Shirzad termed the inauguration of Paiwastoon TV as another step towards freedom of expression and promised his full support to all media outlets.

Media have flourished tremendously in Afghanistan, and in the southern provinces as well in the last two decades and have played a crucial and effective role in providing information, awareness, education programs to the local population.

There are five radio stations operating alongside state-run Radio(RTA) within the Urozgan province, however, now local people are excited and welcome the primary private TV channel.