Local radio director freed by police

SHARAN, August 31, 2010

Director of a privately run local radio station in Paktika province has been freed a day after police detained him for publishing a report on the Taliban activities.

Director of Pashtun Ghag Radio Muhammad Yasin was arrested and questioned by the provincial police after his station aired a report on Taliban banning usage of mobilephone sets with built-in cameras in parts of the province.

The police said Yasin's station aired reports that could undermine the government, however, he has rejected the allegation.

Yasin said the police raided his office, confiscated its computers and treated him with humiliation.

He was freed after journalist unions intervened and pressed the police for releasing him.

Pashtun Ghag has been on air since two years with a coverage area of 90 square kilometers from the provincial center Saran City.

AFJC is condemning the raid of police on Pashtun Ghag radio's office and detention of its head. We ask the government of Afghanistan to respect freedom of expression and ensure the police act according to the laws.