New weekly launched in Samangan

September 7, 2014

Aibak: The first independent Uzbek-language weekly has hit newsstands in the Northern Province of Samangan.

The first issue of" Aibak Kuz Gusi” (Mirror of Aibak) in color contains political, social and cultural articles.

The weekly journal is supported by a group of youth with Fateh Mohammad Lame as its editor in chief.

Samangan governor, Khairullah Anush said in the ceremony on the occasion of publishing of the first issue of the journal is important step for Uzbek-Language and a sign of the Afghanistan’s cultural richness.

Mr Noori said the publication will stick to journalistic standards and the media law of Afghanistan.

Currently, 5 other weekly magazines including 2 governmental journals and three   private radio stations are operating in the province.