House of journalists established in Mazar-e-Sharif

MAZAR-E-SHARIF, April 9, 2010

Journalists in the northern Balkh province convened to launch the House of Journalists there.

Qayum Babak, one of the organizers of the gathering, said creation of the house was aimed at defending rights of local journalists and coordinating efforts for better coverage of issues in Balkh.

More than 50 journalists attended the opening meeting held in a hall of the IWPR office.

Babak said seven journalists were elected to the executive board of the House of Journalists for six months.

Journalists in the central and metropolitan city in northern Afghanistan have frequently complained about threats and complexities of job.

In October 2010, dozens of journalists in a gathering raised the issue of powerful warlords trying to pressure journalists in northern Afghanistan, especially in Balkh province.

They lamented self-censorship and poor-standard journalism developed under affects of the strongmen.

Balkh has seen a boom in media during the past decade. Two local private television channels, 15 radio stations and more than 30 print outlets are operating in the province.