Taliban set on fire Radio and TV station during Kunduz takeover

Taliban set on fire Radio and TV station during Kunduz takeover

September 29, 2015

Kunduz: Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) condemns Taliban yesterday’s attack on women-run Roshani Radio and TV during Kunduz takeover.

As the Taliban overran the city on Monday, they captured governmental and non-governmental buildings including Roshani Radio and TV, a private broadcaster where they blew up, and set it on fire.

A source told to AFJC that all media have stopped working and many journalists were forced to flee by their own means to Kunduz airport 2 km south of the city to which the government troops had retreated, and some flee to neighbor Balkh and Takhar provinces.

Sadiqa Shirzai, head of Roshani Radio and TV told the AFP that insurgents had burned down the radio station and they are scared of leaving our homes, scared of being beaten by the Taliban.

According to Mrs. Shirzai, There's no electricity, no water, and ration shops are all closed in the city.

Radio Roshni is the second independent media outlet founded in 2002. It covers Kunuz city and Chardarh, Khanabad and Aliabad districts and most of the 18 employees are women.

Kunduz province, which borders Tajikistan, is a major transport hub for the north of the country.

The Afghanistan Journalists Center strongly condemns the attack on Roshani Radio and TV calling it an evil and brutal act. The organization expressed deep concerns regarding the security of the journalists, media workers and media outlets in Kunduz province and calls on the government to take all necessary measures to ensure their security.