An Education Fund for Sultan Munadi’s Children

An Education Fund for Sultan Munadi’s Children

The colleagues and friends of Sultan Munadi, who was slain during a rescue operation in Afghanistan, would like to thank readers for the many generous donations they made to help his family. Sultan’s family is extraordinarily grateful to them as well.

Sultan’s family members currently have the funds they need to cover their basic living costs. As a result, Sultan’s friends and colleagues have decided to use the reader donations to create a fund to educate his children. Sultan passionately believed that education was the key to stabilizing Afghanistan. His friends and colleagues believe that educating Sultan’s children is the best way to honor his memory. Our goal is to raise enough funds to allow his children to receive the best education possible.

The education fund will include the donations readers have made since Sultan was killed in September 2009 and new contributions from Sultan’s friends and colleagues at The New York Times. If readers would like to contribute to the education fund, details are below. We thank readers again for the donations they have already made.

If you would like to donate by a wire transfer (recommended outside U.S.), instructions are here.

If you would like to contribute via mail, please send your check to:

Foreign Desk / The New York Times, Attn: Cynthia Latimer
620 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10018
Checks should be made payable to “The New York Times,” noting “Munadi Education Fund” in the memo field.