Afghan govt's honors journalists for covering Kunduz battle

Afghan govt's honors journalists for covering Kunduz battle

Oct. 31, 2015

Kabul:The Afghan government held the certificate-awarding ceremony Saturday to honor the journalists in recognition of their courage and professionalism for covering Kunduz battle late in September and early in October.

According to Xinhua, Ahmad Zia Masoud, the vice-presidential level special representative of the president on reforms and good governance, addressed the ceremony, appreciating those journalists for their timely and thorough coverage from the battle field.

Masoud said, the reporters lively depicted the warzone when the clash was on-going between Taliban and government forces in Kunduz city.

Kunduz city, the capital of Kunduz province, 250 km north of Kabul, was fallen to Taliban militants on Sept. 29 and the government forces backed by the U.S. military recaptured it 12 days later after fierce fighting.

As the Taliban overran the city, they captured governmental and non-governmental buildings including six radio stations and three television stations and many journalists have fled the city, but a journalist for Radio Kaihan who was working as security guard in night shifts at MSF hospital killed in the US airstrike.