MCC introduces Arman-e Mili Daily to AG Office

Feb 24, 2013

The Media Complaint Commission introduced the Arman-e Milli Daily newspaper of Kabul to Attorney General Office following the complaints of a member of the Afghan parliament.

Mir Haidar Motahar, the editor in chief of Arman-e Milli said that the decision has been taken in his absence and therefore is unacceptable.

According to Mr. Motahar, the commission members sat together in the ministry of information and culture without any representatives from Arman-e Milli and decided that the paper should be introduced to Attorney General’s Office.

Minister of Information and Culture, Saed Makhdom Raheen heads the Media Complaints Commission.

Four months ago, Arman-e Milli Daily published a report about the release of an accused terrorist in Badakhshan province.

In that report, Ms. Nilofar Ibrahimi had been accused of lobbying for the release of the above-mentioned individual.

Arman-e Milli’s case referral to Attorney General’s Office comes at a time when the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mr. Dawood Ali Najafi complaint from Mr. Partaw Nadery, a reporter and well-known writer of Afghanistan. Mr. Nadery’s case was also dealt with in the MCC.

The Attorney General Office had issued the arrest warrant of Mr. Nadery for writing an article about Mr. Najafi in Arman-e Milli Daily.

Mr. Nadery’s open-ed criticized Mr. Najafi, based on some documents that had been published in media and indicated that Mr. Najafi had been involved in “the fraudulent votes of Presidential Elections of 2009” and played a role in “making Hamid Karzai the president”.

Finally, on 5th of this month, Mr. Najafi, officially, took back his complaints from the MCC following the pressure of media community and hard work of the young Member of Parliament, Mr. Baktash Siawash.