Local radio stations targeted in bomb blasts in Eastern Nangarhar province

Local radio stations targeted in bomb blasts in Eastern Nangarhar province

October 11, 2015

Jalal Abad: Afghanistan Journalists Center strongly condemned Saturday’s night bomb blasts at the Killid and Safa radios office in eastern Nangarhar province.

The bombs which were fixed to the office’s entrance gates of the stations successively went off at about 7:30pm on Saturday have no causality but financial losses.

Hazrat Husain Mashreqiwal, a spokesperson for the province’s Police head quarter, said police were investigating and it was not clear why the media outlets had been attacked.

The Islamic State group (IS) has claimed responsibility of the attacks.

In a statement, Safa Radio said” A Person who introduced himself as a IS Spokesperson in a phone call claimed responsibility of attack and said that group was not happy about our stories and coverage of incidents”

Afghanistan Journalists Center strongly condemns the attacks and urges the government to do more to protect journalists and call on all parties in the conflict not to create hurdles.

We expect the relevant authorities to immediately investigate and prosecute without any delay the perpetrators of this unacceptable attack.

The attacks are the fifth of its kind in the last two years; On June 10 a magnetic bomb attached to the Pajhwok Afghan News office’s entrance gate went off in Jalalabad city, destroying office equipment and injured four guests at the nearby Voice of America office but the perpetrators of these violent actions have not yet been identified and prosecuted.