Killid Radio seeks producer

Vacancy Number: DHSA-TKG-086-14

Job Views: 466

Location: Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan

Organization / Company Name: DHSA

Job Category: Media-Journalism

Employment Type: Full time

Salary: per month

Posted: 01.28.2015

Position Title: Producer (کلید صبح)

Contract Duration: 1 Year

Nationality: National

No.of Jobs: 1

Shift: 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Experience: Experience is preferred

Start Date: 01.28.2015

Expiration Date: 02.02.2015

Gender: Male/ Female

Education: University Degree


Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA) established in 1992, the mission of DHSA is to redefine development in Afghanistan by promoting a dynamic and capable civil society as a means to foster local ownership of development, dignity and a peaceful & sustainable future for all Afghans.
Throughout the 1990’s, DHSA focused primarily on drawing strength from local knowledge and traditional relationships to fill gaps, caused by a weak national government and absence of public services. During this time, DHSA focused on activities such as water sanitation and irrigation, education, food assistance to drought affected populations, and rural rehabilitation, matching local know-how with the financial and political support from international aid agencies and donors such as EC, USAID, WFP, WHO, the UN, Canada fund/Care International and Novib.
The political changes brought by the Bonn Agreement in 2001 allowed DHSA to add development of civil society in Afghanistan – through its media, education and various community development projects – to its portfolio, in addition to humanitarian assistance.
To achieve its mission, DHSA presently operates five activities:

  • Humanitarian Activities
  • Public Media and Communication (TKG),
  • Education
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Environmental Protection

Job Description

-Production & Presentation of Killid Subh Program on daily basis.
-Preparation of scripts for the mentioned programs.
-Presenting of the mentioned programs through Kandahar Killed Radio.
-Struggle to build capacity in radio and media field.
-Keeping audience happy and satisfy from the related programs and raise among the audience as a radio star.
-Struggle to make the programmes more attractive and attract the audience more and more.
-Innovation and initiation in radio programmes and bring positive changes in the related radio programs.
-Systematic study for routine activities and as well as in daily life.
-Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Journalism/literature from national or international universities or three years of experience in radio production.
  • Computer knowledge specifically MS office, Win XP and Cool edit – pro.
  • Understanding of local languages and well command on English as a foreign language.
  • Have the analytical skills in political, social, cultural and economic issues

Contact Information

Please submit your CV along with an application to DHSA-TKG office or through email.

House # 442, Street#6, Chardehi watt, Near to Uzbekha Masjid, Karta-e-seh, District#6 Kabul, Afghanistan

Elham Ahmadi
Admin/HR Officer
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