Head of Solh TV Channel in Herat Province Released from Prison After 48 Days

Head of Solh TV Channel in Herat Province Released from Prison After 48 Days


May 8, 2024

Herat, Herat province- Ramin Amiri, the head of Solh TV channel in western Herat Province, has been released from prison after 48 days of detention. He was arrested by the intelligence department on allegations related to a financial issue and released after posting bail. The Afghanistan Journalists Center welcomed Amiri's release and criticized his arbitrary arrest and detention as illegal, stating that proper legal procedures were not followed.

 The news of Amiri's release was announced by “Javad Amin”, the representative of media department of the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI), during a meeting with journalists in Herat province. Despite acknowledging his role in securing Amiri's release, Amin did not provide details about the accusations against him.

A journalist in Herat province, who spoke anonymously to AFJC due to fear of reprisal from local Taliban authorities, revealed that Ramin Amiri was summoned and arrested by the Herat Intelligence Department on March 21 under “charges related to a financial issue linked to his media activities.” The journalist, closely monitoring Amiri's case, disclosed that the head of Solh TV had recently been transferred to Herat Central Prison, with his case still pending in court.

AFJC applauds Ramin Amiri's release and condemns his prolonged detention without following proper legal procedures, asserting that such actions violate the country's media laws. AFJC urges the Taliban authorities to address any complaints against Amiri through the Media Complaints and Violations Commission in a fair and unbiased manner, adhering to the provisions of the media law.