Press Statement of Afghan Journalists Federation about Illegal Elections of the Federation

Dec 30, 2021

Kabul-The Federation of Journalists & Media Support Organizations declares that the latest attempts of a number of opportunistic individuals to take over the Federation of Media Support Organizations is against the country’s media law and the statute of the Federation and is subject to prosecution.  A few days ago, a number of individuals who are not members of the leadership of the Federation attempted to take over the Federation by organizing elections for the chairmanship of the Federation without having the legal or administrative authority to organize such elections. The main intention of these individuals is to hijack the Federation and through that create proximity with the Taliban government.

Based on the statute of the Federation, any elections for the leadership of the organization can happen when two-thirds of the members of the Federation are present in the elections. In the absence of this quota, any election is invalid and does not carry any legitimacy. Therefore, the leadership of the Federation strongly condemns this act.

Since the collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the leadership of the Federation has attempted to carry out its operations at the international level under a new framework so that it can help protect the values of press freedom and freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

The leadership of the Federation also considers these purposeful and fateful attempts of certain individuals a threat to the ideals of press freedom in Afghanistan. The Federation of Afghanistan’s Media Support Organizations, which was created 8 years ago with the goal of safeguarding press freedom and freedom of expression, is committed to promoting impartial and professional journalism in Afghanistan and does not allow any activities in support of a certain person or political entity.