National Journalist Day

The Afghanistan National Journalist Day holds great significance in the country as it celebrates the freedom of press and recognizes the remarkable contributions of journalists. Since its inception in 2014, the Afghanistan Journalist of the Year Award has emerged as the most prestigious accolade in the nation, symbolizing excellence in journalism.

The idea to establish a designated day for journalists was proposed by Ahmed Quraishi, the executive director of the AFJC, in 2014. After extensive consultations with media representatives nationwide and the AFJC advisory board, comprising prominent Afghan journalists including Faisal Karimi, Aziz Hakimi, Imam Mohammad Warymoch, Mohammad Wais Khetab, Lotfullah Najafizada, and Parwiz Kawa, the 27th of Hoot, the last month of the Solar Hijri Year (March 18), was chosen as "Journalist Day." This momentous decision was officially announced on March 18, 2014, garnering widespread support and enthusiasm among Afghan journalists.

Over the years, the AFJC has persistently advocated and campaigned to have 'National Journalist Day' recognized by the government. Their relentless efforts finally paid off in 2018 when the government officially incorporated this important day into the Afghan calendar.

As part of its commitment to promoting journalistic excellence, the AFJC honors exceptional Afghan journalists annually with the esteemed "Afghanistan Journalist of the Year" award. The recipients are selected by a distinguished jury committee, who diligently assess the journalists' individual performance and noteworthy achievements throughout the year.

The Afghanistan National Journalist Day, celebrated in conjunction with the announcement of the Afghanistan Journalist of the Year Award, is a momentous occasion that underscores the significance of a free press in the country. It not only recognizes the dedication and bravery of Afghan journalists but also serves as a reminder of their vital role in shaping public opinion and promoting transparency and accountability in society.

The AFJC remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting and promoting the rights and safety of journalists in Afghanistan. Through initiatives like the Afghanistan Journalist of the Year Award, it aims to elevate the standards of journalism and create a conducive environment for media professionals to thrive and continue their valuable work.