The Afghanistan Press Freedom Tracker (APFT) is an initiative by the Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) to monitor and document violations of press freedom in Afghanistan. Recognizing the increasing targeted attacks and threats from illegal armed and criminal groups on media outlets and journalists, AFJC launched the APFT in 2014. This dedicated news website and database aim to provide easily accessible and reliable information on press freedom violations across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

The APFT comprehensively tracks various forms of press freedom violations, including detentions, arrests, injuries, physical attacks, armed assaults, insults, and threats. By being the first online press freedom tracker in Afghanistan, it serves as a valuable resource by ensuring that accurate information is available in Persian/Dari, Pashto, and English languages.

In addition to its accessibility and credibility, the Afghanistan Press Freedom Tracker (APFT) also serves as a centralized repository for research purposes. The data collected through this platform informs investigative journalism, facilitates legal action, and provides a crucial foundation for advocacy efforts by both national and international press freedom organizations.

Through its comprehensive approach, the APFT captures every press freedom incident and highlights particularly egregious cases where authorities attempt to restrict journalists' access or impede their work. By documenting these incidents, the tracker aims to bring attention to the increasing challenges faced by the media in Afghanistan while advocating for greater press freedom and protection for journalists.